Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award

This morning, the lovely Bee, over at Living Off Script, graced me with my first blog award.  She then very patiently instructed me how to put the darn thing in my sidebar.  I won't "waste" one of my 15 facts to inform you that I have become a bit computer illiterate all while working on my writing. 

So thanks, Bee, for your recognition and your tutelage.  Here are my 15 things: 

1. This is a baby blog.  However, I took the bull by the horns and linked up my very first post with yeah write.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made. 

2. In my fifth grade year book, I am quoted as saying I wanted to be a young adult fiction writer when I grew up.  I think I forgot about that aspiration (stupid puberty), but maybe one day that dream will come true.

3. My two bottom middle teeth are baby teeth.  I was born without the adult ones.  These teeth are VERY lose.  Look forward to an upcoming angst-filled blog post about how and when I will need to walk around with a hole in my head in order to fix this little "problem."

4. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school.  This is fairly common where I grew up (and still live), but many people find it fascinating. 

5. Whilst at this high school, I played both volleyball and softball.  While the lacrosse and field hockey girls wore cute little plaid kilts and ran around a dew covered field, I donned spandex and slid into gym floors and rocky dirt.  It was awesome. 

6. My favorite television show of all time is Gilmore Girls.

7.  My favorite movie of all time is Back to the Future.

8. I taught myself how to juggle in middle school and once juggled tuna cans at the front of the sanctuary to congratulate my church for meeting our canned goods collection goal.

9. My husband has proofread every blog post I have ever written (my previous blog included.)  This post is no exception.  Hi, honey!

10. I collect pigs.  Growing up people went crazy with this information and gifted me everything from pig slippers to piggy banks to pig posters.  As a mature adult, I have whittled my menagerie down to only the most tasteful of items (if there is such a thing.)  Some of my favorites include a pig watering can, a set of pig key hooks, and a 40lb wrought iron pig doorstop.

11. If I ever have to choose a last meal, it will be a cheeseburger, fries and a Coke.

12. Growing up I had rodents as pets: Hamlet the hamster, Julius the gerbil, Sam and Al the dwarf hamsters and Lance the gerbil. 

13. I am fairly low maintenance when it comes to my appearance (cause I am naturally gorgeous, duh), but I insist on always having my toes painted.  They are currently sporting "Wet Cement."

14. I can drive a manual transmission.

15. I signed up for a writing class at the community college.  It starts Tuesday.  I hope I like it.

And in the spirit of paying it forward and having fun (and because these bloggers ROCK), my nominees are:

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- Michelle Longo
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  1. Yay!!!!!! I'm so glad you got the image up. lol

    It was really fun learning all of these things about you. I'm right there with you on #s 11 and 13.

    You'll have to keep me posted on your writing class! That's so exciting. I hope you enjoy it! totally need one of these:

  2. Thank you, thank you! I so appreciate this award. I am so glad to have found you through Yeah Write, and just love reading what you write :)