Friday, March 21, 2014

Fridays at First Day: Telling the Truth and A Haunting Dream

I am still writing every Friday for The First Day.  I neglected to link last week's post to my blog so this week you get two, two, two posts in one!  Enjoy!


Telling the Truth

My kids know I am not perfect. In fact, I point out my faults to them often. I admit to them when I have made a bad choice. When I lose my patience and yell louder than I want to, I apologize. I explain that I didn’t handle myself the way I should have and that, next time, I will try to make a better choice.


A Haunting Dream

The stage had been set up in the middle of a large hotel ballroom type space with plenty of seating on three sides. Our backs were to the stage so I craned my neck to look behind, but all I could see was black. The stage was built like a large shoebox turned on its side, the show presumably displayed like an elementary school diorama, but only to those with center seats.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Fridays at First Day: Three Beliefs About God

Do you make a distinction between your spiritual life and your non-spiritual life?  Or do you actively incorporate your beliefs into how you live every day?  I was recently challenged to give this some deeper thought.  And then I wrote this.  And now I am going to go contemplate it some more.  I hope you will join me...  


Three Beliefs about God

Always one to think out loud, I first responded that I believe I am loved. This belief encourages me to love others in return and simplifies the way I think about love. It is just what I try my best to do. And I don’t simply love people like me or who I know will love me in return. I love because God loved me first and because I don’t always deserve it either.