Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day To Me (and our mom, too!)

Last Saturday I made the two-hour drive to visit my sister for the night.  I was so excited to spend 24 hours as a free human being that I had to stop at the Delaware Welcome Center to pee.  You have to pay four bucks to get in and out of Delaware so it was the least I could do to get something for my money.  

I know I am getting old because, while we did go out for food and beers, we spent majority of the time moseying about Longwood Gardens discussing riveting questions such as, "is that specimen considered a succulent?" and "what do you put in your egg salad?" 

Rachel, looking serious and sophisticated, in the conservatory
Me, daring to linger under the well-hung humongous hydrangea

But, please, do not get me wrong.  I would not have wanted to spend quality time with my sister in any other way.  It was an amazing day with an endless blue sky, warm enough to bask my toes in the sun, but cool enough to revel in my cardigan.

If you live anywhere near Longwood Gardens and have eyes (whether they work well or not) you should take time to visit.  The expansive grounds offer so much: walking trails, tree houses, ponds teeming with fish and tadpoles, fountains, waterfalls, great green spaces for kids to frolic and, of course, catch-your-breath beauty in the form of every imaginable flora.  
Glorious tulip garden

By far our favorite variety, the fringed tulip.  Have they used these on Project Runway, yet?
We endeavored to conquer as much as possible before I would have to return to my real life.  We were successful.  She encouraged me to put down the map and just walk, while I dared myself to observe my surroundings without my camera poised.  We left satisfied, with what we had seen, with what we had spoken and with what we had shared in silence.

I love my sister.  It is my hope that my own two daughters delight in each other as we do.  I was somewhat concerned that when I got married and then had kids that my connection with her might fizzle.  She is seven years younger than I am and lives a very different life.  And then she moved away.  But I believe we are as close as ever.  I am positive that even if Longwood Gardens were a landfill my sister and I still would have had one of our best days together.  Especially if there was egg salad.  


  1. Just lovely, Kristin, both the Gardens and your delightful description!

  2. I love this! I have two sisters of my own, and we have just gotten closer as we have gotten older and married, so I can totally relate. Looks like such a fun day!