Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Notion of Procreation

I'm going to cut right to the chase.  Introductions are for the weak at heart.  I've been thinking about having another baby.

Please note that I said "I" and not "we."  Fret not, should I decide to go three rounds I would definitely "do it" with my husband.  After all, he has a good job and a proven track record of making cute kids.  But, so far, I think I am alone in this contemplation process.  Zach is still wary of "risking three girls."  On the other hand, neither of us are ready for him to get the "big V" so the notion of procreation continues to taunt.  

During my periodic pondering (and yes, I tend to have waves of baby fever monthly.  Eww gross, stupid hormones), I have compiled a list of reasons related to why one might choose to add to their family. However, I can't quite nail down which of these reasons are good reasons for having another baby and which ones are not.  Maybe we should just get a puppy.    
Or, maybe you can help me sort it out.  Here, in no particular order, are the reasons I am weighing for having (or not having) another baby:

1. If I have another one, I'll probably just want another one  
In some respects this makes absolutely no sense and in other respects it still makes no sense, but it graces the list nonetheless.  I will try to explain.  I love watching my daughters interact and they have become very close already.  I expect this will result in equal amounts of affection and downright hatred over the years, but that's what siblings are for, right?  If I have another baby it will be at least 3 or 4 years younger than it's closest sister.  Clearly, if I have another one, I'll probably just want to have another one.

2. I'm only 32
Is it really time for my uterus to shrivel up and die already?!?!  Did I really completely sacrifice the integrity of my chest, stomach and thighs for two measly children?!?!  

3. What else do I have going on?
Yes, I keep plenty busy with the two beautiful children I have, our lovely home, responsibilities at church and the like.  But in just a few weeks, #1 goes back to school for 12 hours a week and in just a year both of them will be in school!  Do I really need all of that amazing time just to write wit to send your way?
4. I just got my maternity clothes back from a friend 
And some of them are kind of cute!  When you are pregnant you allow yourself to wear things you would never be caught dead in otherwise: horizontal stripes, shirts with attached collars, tops with words like "Loading..."  Plus, maternity clothes are soooo comfy (save those awful torture pants with the full panels.  As if you don't feel full enough with another person living inside of you.  I loathe a full panel, if you know what I mean.)  But, a chance to wear new used clothes...  

5. My babies are getting so big
They are growing up so fast.  I spend hours upon hours upon hours upon hours with them, and yet, some times it is still not enough.  I am better because of them.  I understand life and love and letting go all the more because God gave them to me.  What more might I learn?  

What are your reasons?  Do they sound as crazy as mine?


  1. I think we're hardwired to keep wanting babies, even when our practical side is saying don't go there.

    1. I think you must be right because all of my momma friends seem to feel the same way. Good to see you, btw!

  2. I grew up as one of three girls, and I can tell you that three girls is awesome. Fret not. The only thing is that, as close as the three of us are (and always have been), three girls routinely turns into two against one, and the battle lines are always changing. We all think that if there was a 4th, it would probably not be this way. This is all by way of saying that I fully support a third, and if you have a third, there's nothing bad about deciding to have a fourth.

    1. It's such a weird decision to make. Talk about "heavy." (Back to the Future is my all time favorite movie.) Maybe I'll be reading blogs about you "fretting" over kids one day. Man, I love having "fake" friends!

  3. 1) If you start now-ish, you'd be a mom again at 33. That means you'd be a teenager's mom (still) at 46, and see your third/last one graduate college when you're 55. Those are good ages for those life events, and better than, say, 50 and 59, if you decided to wait. So, now is a good time to choose to go, so to speak, "once more unto the breach." (Is that an inappropriate Shakespeare quote, or what?)

    2) Two of the greatest joys of my life at this point are the two young ladies (which is to say, not far from your age) who have adopted me as their "dad." So, I say, go for it. No one's life ever has too much love, so if you want three kids to be your delights for the rest of it, I say more power to you.

    1. Precisely! I am still "totes" young enough to have 3, 4, 5, 6, kids if I (we) wanted. Being a mom makes you feel powerless, though, at times. Joyful, but powerless, which isn't always a negative thing. So glad you're reading. It's always nice to hear from you.