Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's Tuesday. What Is It To You?

To most, today is just a regular old Tuesday.

Many are off to work and school.  Many are staying at home to care for kids.  A few are staying home to care for parents.  Some are enjoying their coffee and the paper as they always do.  Some are just home from work and bee-lining for bed.  Most people are thinking nothing more of this day than any other.  Deep down, they are probably grateful.    

But, keep in mind, when you meet someone today (and any day, for that matter) that we never really know what kind of Tuesday they are having.

It just might be the day their son was born or their dog died.  It could be their first day of retirement (though probably not.  Who waits to retire on Monday?) Or their morning could have brought bad news, or a promotion, or a good grade, or not much of anything out of the ordinary at all.

Or, this day could just possibly be the day on which they celebrate a unique tradition established at least 10 years before with a history more than 30 years in the making.  A day they prepare for with creativity and silliness.  A day that, to them, symbolizes the official start to the holiday season.

It could be Walnut Tuesday (though probably not.  Who celebrates that?).

Happy Walnut Tuesday, Everyone!!!


  1. You're onto something Kristin, even beyond Walnut Tuesday. I mean...even a regular old Tuesday is special. We may have plenty of Tuesdays left, or not, but once that Tuesday has passed, that's it, it's gone. You can't get it back. So best to enjoy it while we can...

  2. Happy Walnut Tuesday! Need more details...