Friday, January 31, 2014

Fridays at First Day: A Prayer for the Tragedy at Columbia Mall

I am honestly still reeling from the news that there was a shooting at the Mall in Columbia last Saturday.  It really does feel differently when something like this happens in a place where you have been, where you go often and definitely without ever thinking twice.  My husband has been to the mall since the incident.  It is often where he heads for lunch during the workday.  He said there were noticeably fewer people there and a somber mood.  I hope things never go back to normal at the mall.  I hope they get better than that.


A Prayer for the Tragedy at Columbia Mall

My personal fear is that incidents like the recent gun violence at the mall will drive people away from God and that the world might become a darker place yet. I understand that it can seem impossible to find God in such a mess. My hope, though, is that instead of turning away from God when such things happen, people will look to God for answers. God is always good.

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