Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Word

In my judgy, stereotyping mind, where I simplify observing this crazy world by labeling and compartmentalizing, there are two main types of doctrinally conservative Christian women.  1. The homeschooling, babies at her skirt, long braid down her back, sacrificing, no makeup wearing woman who puts everyone else before herself and 2. The well-employed or married to the well-employed, cares what she wears, kids in super schools, philanthropic woman who won't get her hands too dirty or spend too much of her very hard earned money on someone else.  Both of these women attend church regularly and have a profound and genuine relationship with the Lord.  If I had to pick, I suppose I am the first?  Or wait, am I the second?  Or, no, I am totally better and above either.  So there.  I am different.  I am special.  I break the mold.

Nope.  Truth be-told, I am a gross combination of both.

And, this year I am not even going to try to do anything about that.  Like many of you, I have picked a word for 2014.  And while it took a few moments of convincing myself to share my word with you, I have decided I should. And I am not going to apologize for it.  I know full well that my word may seem like it is not in the spirit of the whole change-your-life-with-one-word thing, but my word actually gives me permission not to care what you think.

We have a joke in our church that there are two name tags to pick from: God and Not God.   I know I am not God, but I chose my word nonetheless.  Similarly, I know that, contrary to mainstream media and culture, I don't deserve to be happy or successful or famous or gorgeous or anything else so superficially ridiculous.  But, I also know that before I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, volunteer, writer, loser, I am a child of God, in whose eyes I am perfect and in whose plan I have a purpose.

So.  I have taken a huge step out of the box in choosing my first ever word of the year.  Which for 2014 is:

Please note: I did not read this book nor am I intending to mock anyone who is honestly working to improve their spiritual lives using the one word approach.  Additionally, I believe, in some ways, God has given me this word and while it implies I am going to try to live life MYSELF I will always do my best to turn first to the Lord and lean on Him alone. 

What's your word this year?  What do you think of mine?

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  1. I love your word. And I love your explanation of your word. While I can't figure out how just yet, it makes sense to me.